Gourmet at the Gas Station


Specials CalendarFind out what lunch specials we are serving each day.

Favorite Daily Specials

Lil Lee's Chicken Waffles

Monday Specials

  • Red Beans & Rice Special
    ( Red beans & rice served with side salad and dinner roll, with choice of smoke sausage, chicken tenders or fried shrimp )
  • Chicken & Waffles Special
    ( Two homemade waffles served with two pieces of fried chicken and garnished with fresh fruit )
  • Chef's Monday Special
Lil Lee's Hamburger Steak Special

Tuesday Specials

Lil Lee's Build-A-Burger

Wednesday Specials

  • White Beans & Rice Special
    ( White beans & rice served with side salad and dinner roll, with choice of fried chicken or fried fish )
  • Muffaletta Special
    ( New Orleans style muffaletta layered with ham, salami, swiss and provolone cheese, and olive salad served with Zapps chips )
  • Build-A-Burger Special
    + toppings
    ( 10oz burger cooked to order: rare, medium, or well done. Served with fries and your choice of toppings. )
  • Dressing
    ( Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles )
  • Additional Dressing
    Sweet Relish
    Raw Onions
  • Additional Cheese Toppings
    50¢ each
    American Cheese
    Cheddar Cheese
    Swiss Cheese
    Blue Chesse Cheese
    Provolone Cheese
    Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Additional Sauces Toppings
    50¢ each
    BBQ Sauce
    Creole Mustard
    Honey Mustard
  • Other Additional Toppings:
  • Fried Egg
    Grilled Onions
  • Chef's Wednesday Special
Lil Lee's Steak Plate Special

Thursday Specials

  • Steak Day Special
    ( 8 oz ribeye or 15 oz ribeye served with choice of fries or baked potato, side salad, and dinner roll )

    8oz Steak Day Special
    15oz Steak Day Special
  • Chef's Thursday Special
Lil Lee's Jambalaya Catfish Special

Friday Specials

  • Gumbalaya Special
    ( Jambalaya topped gumbo and served with fried fish or shrimp, side salad, and dinner roll )
  • Jambalaya Special
    ( Jambalaya served with corn on the cob, side salad, and dinner roll, with choice of fried shrimp or fish )
  • Tuna Steak Special
    ( Tuna steak served with fries or baked potato, corn on the cob, side salad, and dinner roll )
  • BBQ Shrimp Special
    ( BBQ shrimp, creamy creole bbq sauce with blackened shrimp served over rice or with roasted potatoes, vegetable, side salad, and dinner roll )
  • Remoulade Salad Special
    ( Spicy boiled shrimp and lump crab meat on top of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and boiled eggs )
  • Chef's Friday Special